Weekend Ground Rules

We understand that the following rules apply while registering for and attending the Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend:

1. You agree to sleep in your assigned room alone.
Each of us will have a roommate of the same gender during the weekend if we choose DOUBLE OCCUPANCY.  (CEE recognizes that couples may already be living together, you will not be permitted to share a room with your finance while on the weekend.) 

Our payment includes a $200 Partially REFUNDABLE deposit. We will pay the remaining $100 or $175 by cash or check when we arrive on Saturday morning.  If we want to change to a later weekend, we will let CEE know 1.5 weeks or more in advance and CEE will transfer us at no charge.  If we cancel within 1.5 weeks of our weekend, NO REFUND of your deposit will be given.  If we want to change to a later weekend within one week of our weekend, CEE will transfer us, if we pay another $200 deposit. For these requests, please contact the Reservation Couple @ 815-277-1112 or ceejoiet@gmail.com  

 The sessions will begin promptly at 8 AM on Saturday and end by 5:00 PM on Sunday.

4. We will refrain from the use of alcohol and illegal drugs during the weekend.

5. We will not leave the weekend for any reason, unless an emergency arises. If we need to leave, we will speak to one of the presenting couples before leaving. 

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