1How do I see Myself? What do I most like/dislike about myself?
2How did I do in our last argument? What rules did I follow? Break? Did I trust?
3In what ways have I been lifegiving to you lately? How does this make me feel?
4In what ways can I add spark to our sexual relationship?
5In what way have I feld most support by you? How does this make me feel?
6Where am I most closed in my life right now and what do I need to do to open up?
7Is a decision to love just a decision to get back to the romance we have known?
8How am I making God apart of our lives?
9What plans are we making to enable our family to grow spritually?
10When I reflect on what a gift you are to me I feel….
11What masks have I recently used with God? My family? Others?
12I showed you that I loved you this week by.. I knew that you loved me this week when..
13What about our lives would I like to chage and how do I whish we could be? How does this make me feel?
14When recently have I put you needs ahead of mine?
15Over the next two weeks, I pledge to be a better husband/wife by…
16What quality of mine have I strengthened lately? What weakness is getting me down?
17What sacrifices am I willing to make for a good relationship with you?
18How do I see myself living the same as my parents or diffentlyly. How does my answer make me feel?
19How have we shared our relationship with others this week?
20Over what issues do I become angry with you?
21Have I really felt important lately? How do my actions make me feel?
22What values and traditions do I like in my family and yours? How can we integrate these into our developing family?
23What does my/your joe mean to me/us? How does this make me feel?
24How well have I listened to you today and how does it make me feel?
25What differences do we have in our cultural, social, or economic backgrounds? Do I see these differences interfering with our relationship? How?
26How do I feel now about our weekend?
27Are the activities our family is involved in an ideal for me or a value?
28What does marriage as a vocation now mean to me? How is god calling us to be one?
29Do I go along with you just to avoid an argument? How does that make me feel?
30Have I ever used manipulative tactics to get what I wanted? How did my actions make me feel? Have I asked for forgivness?
31How do I see our life together when I/you/we retire?

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