1What quality about myself would I most like to work on in order to enhance our relationship?
2What is special about us as a couple today and how does this make me feel?
3Have I recently gone though a cycle (romance disillusionment joy) with my family? How does that make me feel?
4What am I doing that is lifegiving to us? Life-stifling?
5How do I feel when we pass up on an opportunity to use the mutual decision-making steps?
6What do I like least and most about our sexual relationship; what needs of mine are met or unmet and what are my feelings about that?
7How do I feel about your/our hopes, holiness, highs, lows, hobbies,temper, favorite recreation together, parents, sense of humor, laugh?
8How does the image I project effect our dialog? How does that make me feel?
9"You are the light of the world" Hoe do I feel hearing Jesus say this to us?
10What weakness in me do I need to accept?
11How do I feel when I think you are reaching out to others more than you do to me?
12What are my feelings when I have made you happy?
13What so threatens our relationship that I would rather suffer in silence than risk to be open with you?
14How do I feel when you are open with me?
15In what way recently have I been called to make the decision to love?
16What does it mean to me, to belong to you?
17Am I satisfied with my career at present? Do I need to make any decisions about it?
18How do I feel about being married to you every day?
19How have honesty, openness, intimacy, passion and unity been linked together in a recent incident in either our personal or public life?
20How do I feel that god made me man (woman)?
21Footsteps! When was the last time I carried you? How does my actions make me feel?
22What masks do I want to stop using?
23What areas do I need to reevaluate to make our marriage better? How do I feel about that?
24How do I see our strength as a couple, and what are my feelings about that?
25What are some of the traditions of our summertime that we still share today?
26In going out two by two, we are a visible sign of God's love. What does this mean to me? How does this make me feel?
27We have committed ourselves to loving each other for a lifetime? How does that make me feel?
28How do I see myself as a member of your birth family? How does my actions make me feel?
29In which steps of the decision making process are we strongest? Weakest?
30What is one thing that I recently discovered about myself that made me glad to be me?

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