1Why did I go on our EE Weekend? How do I feel About the weekend Now?
2Is it more important to me that I be what I am or what other expect me to be? How does this make me feel?
3When I am disillusioned in our relationship what is my favorite mask?
4Do I belittle you in front of other more than I affirm you? How do I feel about this?
5Does my attitude about sex lock some doors in our relationship? How do I feel about this?
6Specifically, how do I see myself as being life-giving to each member of our family?
7"Over all of these virtues I put love which binds the rest together" What do these words mean to me?
8How do I feel about the direction our life together is taking?
9In going out 2x2 we are a visible sign of god's love what does this mean to me?
10When was the last time you were spiritually life-giving to me? Describe in detail.
11When was the last time I felt an inner peace with you? How does this make me feel?
12With what subject do I find it difficult to reveal my vulnerability to you? How does this make me feel?
13What mask do I wear in our sexual relationship?
14Do we/I in our loving relationship, reflect God, who is love?
15What does it mean to me to keep our relationship my first priority?
16When I am feeling disillusionment, how does it effect our mutual life-giving decisions?
17Being a sacrament calls for us to be inseparable in our hearts. What are my thoughts and feelings about this?
18What about you most attracts me?
19How do our possessions effect my self image and my ability to relate to others in a life-giving manner?
20Am I living my decisions to be fully present and responsive to you and allowing you to become fully present and responsive to me?
21How do I feel about celebrating my life with you?
22How could you help me more; to live out my/our vocation in this modern world?
23"Fighting is a constructive means of communication." is it for us?
24What is my mask when we have an argument?
25What do I value most in this life?
26"Who ever has a heart full of love, always has something to give." (Pope John XXIII) How do I feel about that?
27We are "Church". What does "church" mean to me?
28Do I proclaim my sexuality as a god-given gift?
29What part do my/our feelings play in our relationship?
30What do I do that hinders my unity among those whom I love? How does this make me feel?
31How do I feel when I am talking to you and you don't seem to be listening?

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