1What is my outlook for me and my family for this new year?
2I see myself walking into a room.  What do I see?  How do I feel about that?
3When was the last time I made the decision to love you?  How do I feel about that?
4If I died today, what one thing would I want to leave behind, to let the world know I cared?
5What can we do about expanding or existing values to live Gods plan?
6What are my feelings about our financial status after the holidays?
7How do I feel about our dialogs?
8How often do we make time for us? Is this enough? How do my actions make me feel?
9How do I feel about the way or money is managed?  How do I think you feel about it?
10How do I feel about Jesus in our lives?
11What is the most peaceful scene I can recall?
12How do I feel about the time I spend watching TV?
13What are my attitudes and values about money?  Do the conform to our use of it?
14Do we reach out to those in need?  How do my actions make me feel?
15Fill out the Family Values Checklist like you did on your weekend.
16Am I willing to continue on our journey toward living Gods Plan?  What are my feelings about that?
17How do I feel when you hug me after a rough day?
18What do I need to do to improve myself this year?
19What do I like about you and how does it make me feel?
20How do I feel when I make a special sacrifice for us?
21How do I feel when I consciously make the decision to trust you with my feelings?
22What do I feel you love most about me?
23What is my greatest fear?  How do my actions make me feel?
24How do I feel when we are not communicating?
25How is my tongue like a double edged sword?  How does this make me feel?
26When Have I made the decision to be loved recently?  How does that make me feel?
27What is the fondest memory I have of our wedding day?
28In what area do I feel inferior to you?
29How do I feel when I see pressure getting to you?
30What are my feelings when I see you?
31How have I consciously decided to love god recently? Or the Church?


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