1How do I feel about this past work week?
2When did I last experience some personal growth? How did that make me feel?
3What step of the 5-step decision making process is easiest for us? Hardest?
4What specialness of yours gives me the most strength? How does that make me feel?
5What part of the day do I usually like best?
6In what ways do I personally reflect the values of my parents family?
7Do we share from our abundance or from our substance? What decisions have we made about contributions to the church or other charities?
8What attitudes of mine do I want to change?
9How do I feel when someone is life-giving to me?
10In what way can I help confirm our sacrament this/next week week?
11God needs our couple love? How do I think we should be using it?
12How can I help the me I know get closer to the me I project?
13How do I feel about writing to you like this? How do my actions make me feel?
14What prevents me from accepting your weaknesses, fears or strong feelings?
15Am I willing to make decisions when we can't reach a mutual decision? How do my actions make me feel?
16How do I feel when you leave things up to me?
17How have I recently gone beyond the norm to achieve harmony in our relationship?
18What quality in you am I most dependent on? How does that make me feel?
19What struggle has given us the greatest sense of unity?
20How am I compensating for unmet needs in our relationship? How do I feel about that?
21What decision to love have I made recently?
22What is Christmas to me? How does this make me feel?
23How do I feel about the effort it takes to prepare for Christmas?
24How do I feel when I am under pressure?
25How do I feel knowing God loves us all?
26How do I feel about the way Christmas went for us this year?
27What is the happiest memory I have of this Christmas?
28Are the trappings of my life more meaningful than I like to admit? How does this make me feel?
29What has been the happiest moment of this year?
30What one thing this year do I need to ask your forgiveness for this year? How will I do better about this next year?
31What would I like to change in our life next year?

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