1What am I feeling when I realize I have hurt you?
2"The gift you have received, give as a gift." How do I feel about this. And what would I give?
3How do I feel about The Father calling us to lead others to him?
4How has my understanding of "morality" changed or grown since our weekend?
5How do I feel when someone really likes me?
6When was the last time I was aware of being the sacrament which is the outward sign of God's presence?
7"Stay away from foolish and ignorant arguments, you know then end up in quarrels." Why is it often the little things that pull us apart? How do I feel sharing with you?
8How do I feel when I do/don't feel God's presemce, and how does this affect our relationship?
9How do I feel when we are trying to settle arguments our own way instead of accepting God's healing graces?
10How do I feel when you are reaching out to others more than you are to me?
11What subject do I feel difficult to reveal my vulnerability to you? How does this make me feel?
12How does judging my feelings make me feel?
13How do I feel when someone I love dies?
14Have I experienced "risk" or vulnerablility in my efforts to minister to you?
15In what ways does your non-verbal communication contradict your verbal? How do I feel sharing this with you?
16We a commited to each other for the rest of our lives How does this make me feel?
17If I could go back in time with you, what time would I like to revisit? How does this make me feel?
18If I died today, what one thing would I want to leave behind to let the world know I cared?
19How do I feel hugging other people?
20"I have given them the glory You gave Me that they may be one as We are one." How does this make me feel?
21Am I closed to God in prayer in some ways? Do I believe all prayers are answered?
22When did we last experence the grace of healing in our relationship?
23How do I feel when our friends disreguard our vocation? What can we do about it?
24Do I try to control you or limit you in our relationship? How does this make me feel?
25What awareness of God have I discovered by listening to you?
26What do I believe is God's plan for us in our married life?
27Describe in loving detail, my most recent awareness of my being called by God to be married.
28Do I proclaim my sexuality as a God given gift?
29How does striving to live God's plan give life to us as a couple? How do I feel about that?
30Is my mentality in our relationship one of life-giving openness or frankness? How does this make me feel?
31How do I feel when you accept me, but I can't accept myself?

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