1Where am I most closed in my relationship with you right now?
2How has my self-image changed this year?
3Guilt is an onstacle to being life-giving. Do I accept life-giving forgiveness or do I need to hand on to my guilt? How does this make me feel?
4Where am I now in the cycle of our relationship with god? How does sharing this with you make me feel?
5When have I used my sacramental gift of Healing recently?
6How do I feel right now about the statement "God Dosen't Make Junk"?
7When was the last time I was aware of being the Sacrament, which is the outward sign of God's presence?
8How do I feel when I judge myself inadequate?
9How do I feel about my sexuality today?
10What good memories do I have from my childhood? How do they affect me today
11What decisions are on the far horizon of my life right now?
12How have I been supportive when it would have been easier to have my own way?
13How do I feel about myself?
14Why do I want to stay married to you? How do my actions make me feel?
15If you were a flower, how would I describe you? How do I feel doing this?
16How do I feel when I disagree with you strongly and find out later I was wrong?
17"Over all these virtues, put on love which binds the rest together." What do these words mean to me?
18What do I do that hinders unity among those I love? How does this make me feel?
19What quality in my spouse has brought romance into our relationship recently?
20How do others perceive us as a couple?
21How often in the decision making process do I revert to the solutions my parents opted for?
22"Love one another as I have loved you." How does this make me feel?
23What mask do I wear in our sexual relationship?
24What are some concreate ways my parents have given me spiritual direction?
25When have I been nurtured lately? How does this make me feel?
26When was the last time I could have been more open to you?
27When our uniity has been on shaky ground, what have you done to get back on the lifegiving track?
28How do I feel when I consciously use the life-giving mentality to get my own way?
29How have my masks recently kept me distant from others?
30What compromises do I expect to make in our relationship?
31What have I learned today about God, our loving Father? How does this make me feel.

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